Why is recruiter an IT profession and how are we different from other agencies?
Our team consists of IT specialists and graduates of technical universities
Recruiter for us is an IT profession.
It needs to be taught.
That's why we hold our academy of more than 30 lectures a month!
Interesting about us

2 days
Till first CVs
18 days
average time to close the position
of clients are returning again

Over 5
training sessions for recruiters of 10 major companies
talents find their dream job last year
successful closures
for guaranteed replacement
90 days
Our approach
Collect all documents, control deadlines

Skillfully sell your offer, work through all objections

We offer a guaranteed replacement, controlling the candidate on probation

We cooperate with sales trainers

Offering and candidate exit

15 - 18 days
We guide the candidate through all your steps, help with detailed feedback

We work quickly, discussing our response SLAs with you

We prepare and disclose candidates

Client interview

5 - 15 days
First resumes of motivated professionals. Sell candidates the idea of working with you

We evaluate Soft skills (we will find exactly appropriate candidates for your team, and use our system of evaluation of competencies and psychological traits

We also analyze Hard skills, and are ready to do primary technical screening

Recruiters have a technical background, we speak the same language as candidates.

Interview with recruiter

2st / 3st days
Create advertising materials for the job opening

Working with unconventional search sources

Large and enthusiastic candidate pool (>20,000)

Ready to submit blind resumes on the 1st day to screen potential candidates

We are friendly with our candidates - that's the key to success

Search launch

1st day
Team analysis

Diving into the corporate culture

Assistance in building the right profile

For each project, we assign separate teams

Project Analytics

1st day
Our expertise

Back end
Back end

Java Ruby Python PHP SQL C/C++ NodeJS Go Scala Bash Powershall etc.
Front end
Front end

React, Angular, Vue, Swift
Project and Product managers
Project and Product managers

React, Angular, Vue, Swift

IOS / Android

Devops (COps.SOps)/ SRE/ Network/ Build Engineer/Release Engineer/ Administrator
Big data
Big data

Data science/ ML
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Auto/ Manual/ load/ performance
Why choose us:
Flexibility and Growth: We continually enhance our knowledge of new tools, technologies, and process management to provide you with exceptional service.
Risk-Free Service: We provide a free start, charging our commission only after the candidate accepts the offer and begins working. We also provide free replacements if the candidate fails the probation period.
Rapid CV Delivery: Accessing our extensive internal database of over 2000 candidate profiles, we provide the first CVs within 2 days of collaboration initiation.
IT Experts: Our team consists of IT professionals with formal education and extensive industry experience. We excel in screening and selecting relevant candidates for developer positions.
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